Food List for Blood Type B – Meat


Many of us were raised on large meals with meat at every meal, however, just because our parents raised us in this fashion does not mean it was the healthiest way in which to eat. Today, we are learning more and more about meat and which meats are best classified by blood type instead of just randomly stating eat this meat and avoid this one. For those with blood type B, the most beneficial meats to have in your diet are lamb, rabbit, and venison. On the avoid list you will find chicken, Cornish hens, duck, goose, partridge, pork, and quail. Beef is not on the avoid list, however, one must note that 1 pound of charcoal broiled steak has the same amount of benzopyrene (known pollutants and carcinogens) as 300 cigarettes.

Meats Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Beef (includes veal) Y
Buffalo Y
Chicken Y
Cornish Hens Y
Duck Y
Goose Y
Lamb (mutton) Y
Partridge Y
Pheasant Y
Pork Y
Quail Y
Rabbit Y
Turkey Y
Venison Y