Food List for Blood Type O – Supplements


Just because you have heard that you need to take a multi-vitamin and all kinds of supplements, does not mean that you should run out and start on a routine of taking every one you can get your hands on. As a matter of fact, the only supplements that are truly beneficial for those with blood type O is bladder wrack, calcium, licorice, pancreatic enzymes, and vitamin B complex. The supplements to avoid include vitamin E and Vitamin A. All of the other supplements are in the neutral category, this means that may help your body somewhat but are not very beneficial to individuals with O blood type. If you really want to use supplements, ensure that you are adding the ones that are very beneficial. Also watch any multi-vitamins you may be taking as you want to steer clear of Vitamin E and A.

Supplements Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Adaptogenic Herbs Y
Bladder Wrack Y
Bromelain Y
Calcium Y
Calming Herbs Y
Chromium Y
Digestive Enzymes Y
Hawthorn Y
Immune-Enhancing Herbs Y
Iodine Y
Iron Y
Lecithin Y
Licorice (DGL) Y
Magnesium Y
Milk Thistle Y
Pancreatic Enzymes Y
Pro-Biotic Supplements Y
Quercetin Y
Selenium Y
Vitamin A Y
Vitamin A-Beta Carotene Y
Vitamin B complex Y
Vitamin B12 Y
Vitamin C Y
Vitamin E Y
Vitamin K Y
Zinc Y