Food List for Blood Type B – Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and Seeds

There are no nuts and seeds that are highly beneficial to individuals with blood type B; however, there are a few that should be avoided. On the list of ones to avoid that are like to poison to the body include cashews, filberts also known as Hazel nuts, peanuts, pine nuts, pistachios, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. On the neutral list are the rest which will provide the body with the same nutrients as regular food. These include walnuts, pecans, macademia, litchi, hickory, chestnuts, Brazil, and almonds. Remember, if you are looking for foods that will greatly benefit your overall health you need to find foods in the beneficial list which are more like medicine to your body. Within this food category, you will not find the proper healthy foods you need.

Nuts & Seeds Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Almonds Y
Brazil Y
Cashews Y
Chestnuts Y
Filberts (Hazel) Y
Hickory Y
Litchi Y
Macadamia Y
Peanuts Y
Pecans Y
Pine Nuts Y
Pistachios Y
Poppy Seeds Y
Pumpkin seeds Y
Sesame Seeds Y
Sunflower seeds Y
Walnuts Y