Food List for Blood Type B – Spices & Herbs

Spices and Herbs

Spices and herbs truly do more for our bodies that provide a great taste for our palate. Some actually have healing properties. For those with blood type B, the highly beneficial spices and herbs include curry, ginger, ginseng, horseradish, licorice root, parsley tea, peppermint tea, raspberry leaf, rose hips, and sage tea. There are also some spices and herbs that act like poison to those with blood type B instead of providing any type of benefit. These include allspice, almond extract, aloe, barley malt, cinnamon, coltsfoot, corn silk, fenugreek, gentian, hops, linden, mullein, red clover, rhubarb, senna, shepard’s purse, skullcap and tapioca. If you have been using any of these items, stop now and find an alternative. In order to provide your body with the help it needs to stay healthy, you must avoid these spices and herbs.

Spices & Herbs Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Agar Y
Alfalfa Y
Allspice Y
Almond extract Y
Aloe (Aloe Vera) Y
Anise Y
Arrowroot Y
Barley malt Y
Basil Y
Bay leaf Y
Bergamot Y
Burdock Y
Capers Y
Cardamom Y
Catnip Y
Cayenne Y
Chamomile Y
Chervil Y
Chickweed Y
Chives Y
Cinnamon Y
Cloves Y
Coltsfoot Y
Coriander Y
Corn silk Y
Cumin Y
Curry Y
Dandelion Y
Dill Y
Dong quai Y
Dulse Y
Echinacea Y
Elder Y
Fenugreek Y
Garlic Y
Gentian Y
Ginger Y
Ginseng Y
Goldenseal Y
Green tea Y
Hawthorn Y
Hops Y
Horehound Y
Horseradish Y
Kelp (seaweed) Y
Licorice root Y
Linden Y
Marjoram Y
Milk Thistle Y
Mint Y
Miso Y
Mulberry Y
Mullein Y
Mustard, dry Y
Nutmeg Y
Oregano Y
Paprika Y
Parsley Y
Parsley Tea Y
Peppermint Y
Peppermint Tea Y
Pimiento Y
Raspberry leaf Y
Red clover Y
Rhubarb Y
Rose Hips Y
Rosemary Y
Saffron Y
Sage Y
Sage Tea Y
Saint-John's-wort Y
Sarsaparilla Y
Savory Y
Senna Y
Shepard's purse Y
Skullcap Y
Slippery Elm Y
Spearmint Y
Strawberry leaf Y
Tamari Y
Tamarind Y
Tapioca Y
Tarragon Y
Thyme Y
Turmeric Y
Valerian Y
Vanilla Y
Vervain Y
White birch Y
White oak bark Y
Wintergreen Y
Yarrow Y
Yellow dock Y

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