Food List for Blood Type B – Beans & Lentils

Beans and Lentils

Everyone is different and so are the foods they need to eat to ensure their overall health is at its best. For those with blood type B, the beans and lentils that act more like medication than food and are very beneficial to their overall health include kidney, lima, navy, and red soy beans. The beans and lentils that are more like poison than food are aduke, black beans, black eyed peas, garbanzo, green lentils, red and domestic lentils, and pinto beans. Black eyed peas, garbanzo, and pinto can change insulin production and should be avoided along with the others in this group. The neutral group can be enjoyed but you will not receive any extra health boosts like you will with the ones found in the beneficial group.

Beans & Lentils Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Aduke / Adzuki / Azuki Y
Black Beans Y
Black-Eyed Peas Y
Broad Y
Cannellini Y
Copper Beans Y
Fava Y
Garbanzo Y
Green Beans Y
Green Peas & Pods Y
Jicama Y
Kidney Y
Lentils, red & domestic Y
Lentils, green Y
Lima Y
Navy Y
Northern Y
Pinto Y
Red Beans Y
Red Soy Beans Y
Snap Y
String Beans Y
Tamarind Y
White Y