Food List for Blood Type B – Other Beverages

Other Beverages

For those with blood type B there is only one beverage in this category that will provide extra benefits which is green tea. There are 6 that need to be avoided completely and include distilled liquor, seltzer water, club soda, soda, diet soda, and all other sodas. The neutral beverages, which mean you can enjoy them but that they will not provide you with any health boosts include beer, all coffees, decaf and regular tea, un-chlorinated water, and red and white wine. To ensure you are getting the health benefits you need, you should add green tea to your diet. If you only begin with a couple of cups per week, you will start improving your health and overall well being. The main thing to remember is to avoid the beverages that poison your body so you can begin to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Other Beverages Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Beer Y
Coffee, decaf. Y
Coffee, regular Y
Liquor, distilled Y
Seltzer water Y
Soda, club Y
Soda, cola Y
Soda, diet Y
Soda, other Y
Tea, black decaf. Y
Tea, black regular Y
Tea, green Y
Un-chlorinated Water Y
Wine, red Y
Wine, white Y