Food List for Blood Type B – Cereal


When it comes to cereal, there are seven cereals that have healing properties for those with blood type B. These include kasha, millet, oat bran, oat meal, rice bran, and shredded wheat. On the other side, the cereal you should avoid as it is like poisoning your body is amaranth, barley, buckwheat, corn flakes, cream of wheat, grape nuts, kamut, puffed rice, seven grain, spelt, and wheat bran. Other cereals are listed in the neutral group which means that you get about the same as other foods. It is fine to eat foods on this list, but be sure to eat more of the cereals on the beneficial list to ensure you are actually helping your body become healthier. Avoid the cereals on the avoid list no matter what. Pay attention to any of the foods on the avoid list for your blood type or you will be slowly poisoning your body.

Cereal Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Amaranth Y
Barley Y
Buckwheat Y
Corn Flakes Y
Corn Meal Y
Cream of Rice Y
Cream of Wheat Y
Familia Y
Farina Y
Granola Y
Grape Nuts Y
Kamut Y
Kasha Y
Millet Y
Oat Bran Y
Oat Meal Y
Rice bran Y
Rice, puffed Y
Seven-Grain Y
Shredded Wheat Y
Spelt Y
Wheat Bran Y
Wheat Germ

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