Food List for Blood Type B – Fruits & Juices

Fruits and Juices

A few years ago, everyone stated that as a whole the population was not consuming enough fruits and juices for a healthy body. Today, this statement has been changed at least when it comes to eating properly for your blood type. Those with blood type B can enjoy quite a few and even receive great benefits from some while others are more like poison and should be completely avoided at all costs. The fruits and juices that are beneficial include bananas, cabbage juice, cranberries, grape juice, black grapes, concord grapes, green and red grapes, papaya juice, papayas, pineapple juice, pineapples, and dark, green and red plums. On the other side of the coin, the fruits and juices that should never be consumed are coconuts, persimmons, pomegranates, prickly pear, rhubarb, starfruit, and tomato juice.

Fruits & Juices Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Apple juice & cider Y
Apples Y
Apricots & juice Y
Bananas Y
Black Cherry juice Y
Blackberries Y
Blueberries Y
Boysenberries Y
Cabbage juice Y
Carrot juice Y
Celery juice Y
Cherries Y
Coconuts Y
Cranberries Y
Cranberry juice Y
Currants, black Y
Currants, red Y
Dates, red Y
Elderberries Y
Figs, dried & fresh Y
Gooseberries Y
Grapefruit Y
Grapefruit juice Y
Grape juice Y
Grapes, black Y
Grapes, Concord Y
Grapes, green & red Y
Guava Y
Kiwi Y
Kumquat Y
Lemons Y
Limes Y
Loganberries Y
Mangoes Y
Melon, canang Y
Melon, cantaloupe Y
Melon, casaba Y
Melon, Christmas Y
Melon, Crenshaw Y
Melon, honeydew Y
Melon, musk Y
Melon, Spanish Y
Melon, watermelon Y
Nectarines Y
Oranges & juice Y
Papaya juice Y
Papayas Y
Peaches Y
Pears Y
Persimmons Y
Pineapple juice Y
Pineapples Y
Plantains Y
Plums, dark Y
Plums, green Y
Plums, red Y
Pomegranates Y
Prickly pear Y
Prunes & juice Y
Raisins Y
Raspberries Y
Rhubarb Y
Starfruit (carambola) Y
Strawberries Y
Tangerines Y
Tomato juice Y

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