Food List for Blood Type B – Breads & Grains

Breads and Grains

Many times, you may have heard that bread and grains are nothing but empty calories; however, this is very far from the truth. For those with blood type B, there are several breads and grains that are actually very beneficial and act more like medicine than food. These include Brown rice bread, Essene bread, Ezekiel bread, Fin Crisp, Millet bread, Oat flour, Rice cakes, and Wasa bread. There are a few that also needed to be avoided that are as close to poison as you can get for blood type B individuals. These are wheat bagels, barley flour, bulgur wheat flour, corn muffins, couscous, durum wheat bread, durum wheat flour, English muffins, gluten flour, kasha, matzos, multigrain bread, artichoke pasta, wild rice, 100% rye bread, rye crisps, rye flour, rye vita, soba noodles, wheat bran muffins, white flour, whole wheat bread, and whole wheat flour.

Breads & Grains Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Bagels, wheat Y
Barley flour Y
Brown rice bread Y
Buckwheat Y
Bulgur wheat flour Y
Corn muffins Y
Couscous Y
Durum wheat bread Y
Durum wheat flour Y
English muffins Y
Essene bread Y
Ezekiel bread Y
Fin Crisp Y
Gluten flour Y
Gluten-free bread Y
Graham flour Y
High Protein bread Y
Ideal Flat bread Y
Kasha Y
Matzos, wheat bread Y
Millet bread Y
Multi-grain bread Y
Oat bran muffins Y
Oat flour Y
Pasta, artichoke Y
Pasta, semolina Y
Pasta, spinach Y
Pumpernickel bread Y
Quinoa Y
Rice cakes Y
Rice, basmati Y
Rice, brown Y
Rice, white Y
Rice, wild Y
Rye flour Y
Rye bread 100% Y
Rye crisps Y
Rye vita Y
Soba noodles Y
Soy Bread Y
Spelt bread & flour Y
Sprouted wheat bread Y
Wasa bread Y
Wheat bran muffins Y
White flour Y
Whole wheat bread Y
Whole wheat flour Y

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