Food List for Blood Type O – Spices & Herbs

Spices and Herbs

If you cook, then you know that spices and herbs are great for adding flavor to all your favorite dishes, however, the truth of the matter is that some spices and herbs are actually very beneficial to our health. For individuals with blood type O, they should ensure that they are using such items as cayenne, chickweed, curry, dandelion, dulse, fenugreek, ginger, hops, kelp, linden, mulberry, parsley tea, parsley, peppermint tea, rose hips, sarsaparilla, slippery elm, and turmeric. It is just as important to know which products to avoid if you want to ensure you are on your way to a healthy body. The ones to avoid include alfalfa, aloe Vera, burdock, capers, cinnamon, coltsfoot, corn silk, Echinacea, gentian, goldenseal, nutmeg, red clover, rhubarb, Saint-John’s wort, senna, shepard’s purse, strawberry leaf, vanilla, and yellow dock. Some of the herbs and spices need to be avoided as they can cause the blood to thin in individuals with blood type O as well as can boost the immune system which is not needed at all for this blood type.

Spices & Herbs Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Agar Y
Alfalfa Y
Allspice Y
Almond extract Y
Aloe (Aloe Vera) Y
Anise Y
Arrowroot Y
Barley malt Y
Basil Y
Bay leaf Y
Bergamot Y
Burdock Y
Capers Y
Cardamom Y
Catnip Y
Cayenne Y
Chamomile Y
Chervil Y
Chickweed Y
Chives Y
Cinnamon Y
Cloves Y
Coltsfoot Y
Coriander Y
Corn silk Y
Cumin Y
Curry Y
Dandelion Y
Dill Y
Dong quai Y
Dulse Y
Echinacea Y
Elder Y
Fenugreek Y
Garlic Y
Gentian Y
Ginger Y
Ginseng Y
Goldenseal Y
Green tea Y
Hawthorn Y
Hops Y
Horehound Y
Horseradish Y
Kelp (seaweed) Y
Licorice root Y
Linden Y
Marjoram Y
Milk Thistle Y
Mint Y
Miso Y
Mulberry Y
Mullein Y
Mustard, dry Y
Nutmeg Y
Oregano Y
Paprika Y
Parsley Y
Parsley Tea Y
Peppermint Y
Peppermint Tea Y
Pimiento Y
Raspberry leaf Y
Red clover Y
Rhubarb Y
Rose Hips Y
Rosemary Y
Saffron Y
Sage Y
Sage Tea Y
Saint-John's-wort Y
Sarsaparilla Y
Savory Y
Senna Y
Shepard's purse Y
Skullcap Y
Slippery Elm Y
Spearmint Y
Strawberry leaf Y
Tamari Y
Tamarind Y
Tapioca Y
Tarragon Y
Thyme Y
Turmeric Y
Valerian Y
Vanilla Y
Vervain Y
White birch Y
White oak bark Y
Wintergreen Y
Yarrow Y
Yellow dock Y

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