Food List for Blood Type O – Vegetables


Even your own mother more than likely told you that you were not allowed to leave the table until you ate all your vegetables. Today, that saying is not as true as many still believe. Some vegetables are wonderful according to your blood type while others should be completely avoided altogether. For blood type O, the vegetables that are highly beneficial to your overall health include artichoke, broccoli, chicory, collard greens, dandelion, escarole, garlic, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, leek, romaine lettuce, okra, red onions, Spanish onions, yellow onions, parsley, parsnips, red peppers, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, seaweed, spinach, Swiss chard, and turnips. Vegetables that should be avoided include avocado, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbage, cauliflower, white and yellow corn, eggplant, domestic mushroom, shitake mushroom, mustard greens, black, Greek and Spanish olives, red and white potatoes, and alfalfa sprouts, Cabbage should be avoided due to the fact that it inhibits the function of the thyroid in those with O blood type and eggplant can lead to arthritic conditions due to the depositing of lectins in joint tissue.

Vegetables Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Artichoke, domestic Y
Artichoke, Jerusalem Y
Arugula Y
Asparagus Y
Avocado Y
Bamboo shoots Y
Beet Greens Y
Beets Y
Bok Choy Y
Broccoli Y
Brussels sprouts Y
Cabbage, Chinese Y
Cabbage, red Y
Cabbage, white Y
Caraway Y
Carrots Y
Cauliflower Y
Celery Y
Chervil Y
Chicory Y
Collard Greens Y
Coriander Y
Corn, yellow Y
Corn, white Y
Cucumber Y
Daikon radish Y
Dandelion Y
Dill Y
Eggplant Y
Endive Y
Escarole Y
Fennel Y
Fiddlehead ferns Y
Garlic Y
Ginger Y
Horseradish Y
Kale Y
Kohlrabi Y
Leek Y
Lettuce, bibb & Boston Y
Lettuce, Iceberg Y
Lettuce, Mesclun Y
Lettuce, Romaine Y
Lima Beans Y
Mushroom, Abalone Y
Mushroom, domestic Y
Mushroom, Enoki Y
Mushroom, Portobello Y
Mushroom, Shiitake Y
Mushroom, Tree oyster Y
Mustard greens Y
Okra Y
Olives, black Y
Olives, Greek Y
Olives, green Y
Olives, Spanish Y
Onions, green Y
Onions, red Y
Onions, Spanish Y
Onions, yellow Y
Parsley Y
Parsnips Y
Peppers, green Y
Peppers, Jalapeno Y
Peppers, red Y
Peppers, yellow Y
Potatoes, red & white Y
Potato skins
Potatoes, sweet Y
Pumpkin Y
Radicchio Y
Radishes Y
Rappini Y
Rutabaga Y
Scallion Y
Seaweed Y
Shallots Y
Snow peas Y
Spinach Y
Sprouts, alfalfa Y
Sprouts, mung Y
Sprouts, radish Y
Squash, all types Y
Swiss Chard Y
Tempeh Y
Tofu Y
Tomato Y
Turnips Y
Water Chestnut Y
Watercress Y
Yams, all types Y
Zucchini Y