Food List for Blood Type O – Fruits & Juices

Fruits and Juices

Many people stress the importance of fruit and juices in the diet, however, if your blood type is O, the list of beneficial fruits are not that high. As a matter of fact, there are only 7 that will benefit your health at all. These include prunes and prune juice, red plums, green plums, dark plums, pineapple juice, dried and fresh figs, and black cherry juice. Some fruits and juices need to be avoided by those with blood type O due to being hard to digest and or sensitive to the fruits. The ones to avoid completely include apple juice, apple cider, blackberries, cabbage juice, coconuts, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, oranges, orange juice, plantains, rhubarb, strawberries, and tangerines. Other fruits and juices are in the neutral category, which means you can enjoy these.

Fruits & Juices Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Apple juice & cider Y
Apples Y
Apricots & juice Y
Bananas Y
Black Cherry juice Y
Blackberries Y
Blueberries Y
Boysenberries Y
Cabbage juice Y
Carrot juice Y
Celery juice Y
Cherries Y
Coconuts Y
Cranberries Y
Cranberry juice Y
Currants, black Y
Currants, red Y
Dates, red Y
Elderberries Y
Figs, dried & fresh Y
Gooseberries Y
Grapefruit Y
Grapefruit juice Y
Grape juice Y
Grapes, black Y
Grapes, Concord Y
Grapes, green & red Y
Guava Y
Kiwi Y
Kumquat Y
Lemons Y
Limes Y
Loganberries Y
Mangoes Y
Melon, canang Y
Melon, cantaloupe Y
Melon, casaba Y
Melon, Christmas Y
Melon, Crenshaw Y
Melon, honeydew Y
Melon, musk Y
Melon, Spanish Y
Melon, watermelon Y
Nectarines Y
Oranges & juice Y
Papaya juice Y
Papayas Y
Peaches Y
Pears Y
Persimmons Y
Pineapple juice Y
Pineapples Y
Plantains Y
Plums, dark Y
Plums, green Y
Plums, red Y
Pomegranates Y
Prickly pear Y
Prunes & juice Y
Raisins Y
Raspberries Y
Rhubarb Y
Starfruit (carambola) Y
Strawberries Y
Tangerines Y
Tomato juice Y

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