Food List for Blood Type AB – Supplements


Just about everyone takes some type of supplement today with the hopes of ensuring good health. The truth is that taking supplements can help the body in some cases, but in others some supplements should be completely avoided according to your blood type. For those with blood type AB, the good news is that there are no supplements that you should avoid. On the other hand, there are some that you should ensure you are adding to your diet. These include bromelain, calming herbs, hawthorn, immune enhancing herbs, milk thistle, quercetin, selenium, Vitamin C, and zinc. All of the other supplements are in the neutral category, which means that may help your body somewhat as any supplement but are not as beneficial as the ones listed to be highly beneficial.

Supplements Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Adaptogenic Herbs Y
Bladder Wrack Y
Bromelain Y
Calcium Y
Calming Herbs Y
Chromium Y
Digestive Enzymes Y
Hawthorn Y
Immune-Enhancing Herbs Y
Iodine Y
Iron Y
Lecithin Y
Licorice (DGL) Y
Magnesium Y
Milk Thistle Y
Pancreatic Enzymes Y
Pro-Biotic Supplements Y
Quercetin Y
Selenium Y
Vitamin A Y
Vitamin A-Beta Carotene Y
Vitamin B complex Y
Vitamin B12 Y
Vitamin C Y
Vitamin E Y
Vitamin K Y
Zinc Y