Food List for Blood Type AB – Oils & Fats

Oils and Fats

So many people are afraid of oils and fats and believe this could be the reason they are having issues with their weight. This is far from the truth and some oils and fats are very important for our bodies to stay health. However, if you have blood type AB, there is only one item in this category that will act more like medicine on your system which is olive oil. On the other turn of the coin, there are five items in this group that you need to avoid completely as they are more like poison to your system. These include corn oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, and sunflower oil. All other items found in this group are fine to use and will provide you with the nutrition you need but will not boost your overall health and well being.

Oils & Fats Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Canola Oil Y
Cod Liver Oil Y
Corn Oil Y
Cottonseed Oil Y
Flaxseed Oil Y
Lard Y
Margarine Y
Olive Oil Y
Peanut Oil Y
Safflower Oil Y
Sesame Oil Y
Sunflower Oil Y