Food List for Blood Type AB – Fruits & Juices

Fruits and Juices

If you love fruit and juices and are blood type AB, then you have something to be very happy about. From the list of fruits and juices there are 22 different items in this food group that will actually provide your body with more beneficial properties than just food. The list includes black cherry juice, cabbage juice, carrot juice, celery juice, cherries, cranberries and juice, dried and fresh figs, gooseberries, grape juice, grapefruit, black, green, red, and concord grapes, kiwi, lemons, loganberries, papaya juice, pineapples, dark, green, and red plums. Even with this long list of beneficial fruits and juices, those with blood type AB should avoid coconuts, guava, mangoes, oranges and juice, persimmons, pomegranates, prickly pear, rhubarb, starfruit and bananas. Those with blood type AB, often have issues with digestion and bananas have lectin that interferes with digestion, therefore the reason they are on the avoid list.

Fruits & Juices Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Apple juice & cider Y
Apples Y
Apricots & juice Y
Bananas Y
Black Cherry juice Y
Blackberries Y
Blueberries Y
Boysenberries Y
Cabbage juice Y
Carrot juice Y
Celery juice Y
Cherries Y
Coconuts Y
Cranberries Y
Cranberry juice Y
Currants, black Y
Currants, red Y
Dates, red Y
Elderberries Y
Figs, dried & fresh Y
Gooseberries Y
Grapefruit Y
Grapefruit juice Y
Grape juice Y
Grapes, black Y
Grapes, Concord Y
Grapes, green & red Y
Guava Y
Kiwi Y
Kumquat Y
Lemons Y
Limes Y
Loganberries Y
Mangoes Y
Melon, canang Y
Melon, cantaloupe Y
Melon, casaba Y
Melon, Christmas Y
Melon, Crenshaw Y
Melon, honeydew Y
Melon, musk Y
Melon, Spanish Y
Melon, watermelon Y
Nectarines Y
Oranges & juice Y
Papaya juice Y
Papayas Y
Peaches Y
Pears Y
Persimmons Y
Pineapple juice Y
Pineapples Y
Plantains Y
Plums, dark Y
Plums, green Y
Plums, red Y
Pomegranates Y
Prickly pear Y
Prunes & juice Y
Raisins Y
Raspberries Y
Rhubarb Y
Starfruit (carambola) Y
Strawberries Y
Tangerines Y
Tomato juice Y