Food List for Blood Type AB – Condiments & Miscellaneous

Condiments and Miscellaneous

act like medicine or are beneficial to your overall health. There are several though that you need to avoid at all cost. The long list includes corn syrup, cornstarch, plain gelatin, ketchup, black ground, cayenne, and white pepper, peppercorn, red pepper flakes, pickles, relish, apple cider, balsamic, red wine, and white vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce. These condiments should be totally avoided as they act like poison to your body and provide no type of benefit. All other condiments can be used, but will not boost your health but will provide just regular nutrition. Even though you cannot receive huge benefits from any item in this category you can use the neutral items to add more flavor to your diet.

Condiments & Misc. Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Apple butter Y
Brown rice syrup Y
Carob Y
Cornstarch Y
Chocolate Y
Corn syrup Y
Cream of tartar Y
Gelatin, plain Y
Honey Y
Jam Y
Jelly Y
Ketchup Y
Maple syrup Y
Mayonnaise Y
Molasses Y
Mustard Y
Pepper, black ground Y
Pepper, Cayenne Y
Pepper, peppercorn Y
Pepper, red p. flakes Y
Pepper, white Y
Pickles, all Y
Relish Y
Rice syrup Y
Salad dressing, low fat Y
Salt Y
Soy sauce Y
Sucanat Y
Sugar, brown Y
Sugar, white Y
Vinegar, apple cider Y
Vinegar, balsamic Y
Vinegar, red wine Y
Vinegar, white Y
Worcestershire sauce Y
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)