Food List for Blood Type AB – Breads & Grains

Breads and Grains

If you love breads and have type AB blood, then you will be jumping for joy with the long list of breads and grains that are beneficial to your overall health. This long list items that are actually more like medicine include brown rice bread, Essene bread, Ezekiel bread, fin crisp, millet bread, oat flour, rice cakes, white, brown, basmati, and wild rice, 100% rye bread, rye crisps, rye flour, rye vita, soy bread, sprouted wheat bread, and wasa bread. There are only five bread and grain items that need to be avoided and are buckwheat, corn muffins, kasha, artichoke pasta, and soba noodles. As long as steer clear of these five items you can enjoy all the breads and grains. The main thing to remember is to add the ones that are most beneficial to help with your overall health and well being.

Breads & Grains Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Bagels, wheat Y
Barley flour Y
Brown rice bread Y
Buckwheat Y
Bulgur wheat flour Y
Corn muffins Y
Couscous Y
Durum wheat bread Y
Durum wheat flour Y
English muffins Y
Essene bread Y
Ezekiel bread Y
Fin Crisp Y
Gluten flour Y
Gluten-free bread Y
Graham flour Y
High Protein bread Y
Ideal Flat bread Y
Kasha Y
Matzos, wheat bread Y
Millet bread Y
Multi-grain bread Y
Oat bran muffins Y
Oat flour Y
Pasta, artichoke Y
Pasta, semolina Y
Pasta, spinach Y
Pumpernickel bread Y
Quinoa Y
Rice cakes Y
Rice, basmati Y
Rice, brown Y
Rice, white Y
Rice, wild Y
Rye flour Y
Rye bread 100% Y
Rye crisps Y
Rye vita Y
Soba noodles Y
Soy Bread Y
Spelt bread & flour Y
Sprouted wheat bread Y
Wasa bread Y
Wheat bran muffins Y
White flour Y
Whole wheat bread Y
Whole wheat flour Y

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