Food List for Blood Type AB – Meat


Those with blood type AB are known for having a sensitive digestive tract so there are a variety of foods that can actually help provide a boost to your health and others that are dangerous for your health. Under the meat group for those with blood type AB, the beneficial meats are lamb, rabbit, and turkey. On the other hand, meats that act like poison on the system include beef, buffalo, chicken, Cornish hens, duck, goose, partridge, pork, quail, and venison. The only meat in the neutral group is pheasant. Pretty much in the food group meat section, type AB blood type can only enjoy four types of meats and only three are greatly beneficial to their health and well being. The pheasant is neutral and can be eaten but will only provide nutrition and will not boost your health.

Meats Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Beef (includes veal) Y
Buffalo Y
Chicken Y
Cornish Hens Y
Duck Y
Goose Y
Lamb (mutton) Y
Partridge Y
Pheasant Y
Pork Y
Quail Y
Rabbit Y
Turkey Y
Venison Y

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