Food List for Blood Type O – Dairy & Eggs

Dairy and Eggs

This may sound unbelievable but for individuals with blood type O there is nothing in this category at all that is beneficial to their health. There are a few products that need to be avoided on the other hand. These include American Cheese, Blue cheese, Brie, buttermilk, camembert, casein, cheddar cheese, Colby, cottage cheese, skim cows milk, 2% cows milk, whole cows milk, cream cheese, edam, emmanthal, goats milk, gouda, gruyere, ice cream, jarlsburg, kefir, Monterey Jack, Munster, Neufchatel, parmesan, provolone, ricotta, sherbet, non-fat sour cream, string cheese, Swiss, whey, and yogurt. In the neutral section you will find that eggs are okay to eat, however, for those that are African eggs should be completely avoided, Asians can enjoy eggs 5 times per week, while Caucasians should only eat eggs three to four times per week. Other neutral items that can be enjoyed include butter, farmers cheese, feta cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella, soy cheese, and soy milk, even though they are not beneficial.

Food List - Dairy & Eggs - O

Dairy & Eggs Beneficial Neutral Avoid
American Cheese Y
Blue Cheese Y
Brie Y
Butter Y
Buttermilk Y
Camembert Y
Casein Y
Cheddar Cheese Y
Colby Y
Cottage Y
Cows milk, skim or 2% Y
Cows milk, whole Y
Cream Cheese Y
Edam Y
Eggs Y*
Emmanthal Y
Farmer's Cheese Y
Feta Cheese Y
Goat Cheese Y
Goat Milk Y
Gouda Y
Gruyere Y
Ice Cream Y
Jarlsburg Y
Kefir Y
Monterey Jack Y
Mozzarella Y
Munster Y
Neufchatel Y
Parmesan Y
Provolone Y
Ricotta Y
Sherbet Y
Sour Cream (non-fat) Y
Soy Cheese Y
Soy Milk Y
String Cheese Y
Swiss Y
Whey Y
Yogurt, all Y

*Africans should avoid EGGS, Caucasians 3-4 a week, Asians up to 5 a week.