Food List for Blood Type A – Meat


You may have been taught all your life that you need to eat a specific amount of meat on a daily basis, and then you start hearing some people say how bad meat is for everyone. Well, if you go by your blood type, there is no meat that is beneficial for individuals with blood type A. On the other hand, there are several meats that are on the avoid list which can do harm to your body. As a matter of fact, they act like poison to the body. These include beef, buffalo, duck, goose, lamb, partridge, pheasant, pork, quail, rabbit, and venison. You can eat Cornish hens, chicken and turkey as these are neutral meats meaning they will provide you with nutrients but are not greatly beneficial for blood type A.

Meats Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Beef (includes veal) Y
Buffalo Y
Chicken Y
Cornish Hens Y
Duck Y
Goose Y
Lamb (mutton) Y
Partridge Y
Pheasant Y
Pork Y
Quail Y
Rabbit Y
Turkey Y
Venison Y

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