Food List for Blood Type A – Cereal


The majority of people look at cereal as something that should be included in their daily diet especially for children. The truth is that according to your blood type there are some cereals that will benefit your health, some that will be nutritional sound, and others that should not be consumed at all. For those with blood type A, the most beneficial cereals are amaranth, buckwheat, and kasha. Cereals that should not be consumed at all are cream of wheat, familia, farina, granola, grape nuts, seven grain, shredded wheat, wheat bran, and wheat germ. Other products in this category will provide the same nutrition as other foods. The main thing to remember is to add the cereals that are beneficial as they will be more like medicine to your body and will improve your overall health and well being.

Cereal Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Amaranth Y
Barley Y
Buckwheat Y
Corn Flakes Y
Corn Meal Y
Cream of Rice Y
Cream of Wheat Y
Familia Y
Farina Y
Granola Y
Grape Nuts Y
Kamut Y
Kasha Y
Millet Y
Oat Bran Y
Oat Meal Y
Rice bran Y
Rice, puffed Y
Seven-Grain Y
Shredded Wheat Y
Spelt Y
Wheat Bran Y
Wheat Germ Y