Food List for Blood Type A – Fruits & Juices

Fruits and Juices

If you love fruit and juices and are blood type A, then you have something to be excited about. From the list of fruits and juices there are 20 different items that will actually provide your body with more benefits when you enjoy them. These include apricots and apricot juice, black cherry juice, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, carrot juice, celery juice, cherries, cranberries, fried and fresh figs, grapefruit and grapefruit juice, lemons, pineapples and pineapple juice, dark, red, and green plums, prunes and prune juice, and raisins. There are only 12 in this food group that you need to steer clear of which are bananas, coconuts, mangoes, cantaloupe, honeydew, oranges and orange juice, papayas and papaya juice, plantains, rhubarb, tangerines, and tomato juice. All other fruits and juices can be enjoyed but will not provide the added boost to your health as those in the beneficial group, but will not be poison like the avoid list.

Fruits & Juices Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Apple juice & cider Y
Apples Y
Apricots & juice Y
Bananas Y
Black Cherry juice Y
Blackberries Y
Blueberries Y
Boysenberries Y
Cabbage juice Y
Carrot juice Y
Celery juice Y
Cherries Y
Coconuts Y
Cranberries Y
Cranberry juice Y
Currants, black Y
Currants, red Y
Dates, red Y
Elderberries Y
Figs, dried & fresh Y
Gooseberries Y
Grapefruit Y
Grapefruit juice Y
Grape juice Y
Grapes, black Y
Grapes, Concord Y
Grapes, green & red Y
Guava Y
Kiwi Y
Kumquat Y
Lemons Y
Limes Y
Loganberries Y
Mangoes Y
Melon, canang Y
Melon, cantaloupe Y
Melon, casaba Y
Melon, Christmas Y
Melon, Crenshaw Y
Melon, honeydew Y
Melon, musk Y
Melon, Spanish Y
Melon, watermelon Y
Nectarines Y
Oranges & juice Y
Papaya juice Y
Papayas Y
Peaches Y
Pears Y
Persimmons Y
Pineapple juice Y
Pineapples Y
Plantains Y
Plums, dark Y
Plums, green Y
Plums, red Y
Pomegranates Y
Prickly pear Y
Prunes & juice Y
Raisins Y
Raspberries Y
Rhubarb Y
Starfruit (carambola) Y
Strawberries Y
Tangerines Y
Tomato juice Y

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