Food List for Blood Type A – Spices & Herbs

Spices and Herbs

We all enjoy spices and herbs added to our recipes to give our palate new and exciting flavors; however, if you have blood type A you will glad to learn that there are several different spices and herbs that will actually give you a boost to health. These include alfalfa, aloe vera, barley malt, burdock, chamomile, Echinacea, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, ginseng, green tea, hawthorn, milk thistle, miso, rose hips, Saint John’s wort, slippery elm, tamari, and valerian. On the other side of the coin, there are a few that can poison your system as well. The ones that need to be avoided at all cost are capers, catnip, cayenne, corn silk, red clover, rhubarb, wintergreen and yellow dock. All the rest are neutral and can be enjoyed to add to any of your dishes to give it a unique flavor.

Spices & Herbs Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Agar Y
Alfalfa Y
Allspice Y
Almond extract Y
Aloe (Aloe Vera) Y
Anise Y
Arrowroot Y
Barley malt Y
Basil Y
Bay leaf Y
Bergamot Y
Burdock Y
Capers Y
Cardamom Y
Catnip Y
Cayenne Y
Chamomile Y
Chervil Y
Chickweed Y
Chives Y
Cinnamon Y
Cloves Y
Coltsfoot Y
Coriander Y
Corn silk Y
Cumin Y
Curry Y
Dandelion Y
Dill Y
Dong quai Y
Dulse Y
Echinacea Y
Elder Y
Fenugreek Y
Garlic Y
Gentian Y
Ginger Y
Ginseng Y
Goldenseal Y
Green tea Y
Hawthorn Y
Hops Y
Horehound Y
Horseradish Y
Kelp (seaweed) Y
Licorice root Y
Linden Y
Marjoram Y
Milk Thistle Y
Mint Y
Miso Y
Mulberry Y
Mullein Y
Mustard, dry Y
Nutmeg Y
Oregano Y
Paprika Y
Parsley Y
Parsley Tea Y
Peppermint Y
Peppermint Tea Y
Pimiento Y
Raspberry leaf Y
Red clover Y
Rhubarb Y
Rose Hips Y
Rosemary Y
Saffron Y
Sage Y
Sage Tea Y
Saint-John's-wort Y
Sarsaparilla Y
Savory Y
Senna Y
Shepard's purse Y
Skullcap Y
Slippery Elm Y
Spearmint Y
Strawberry leaf Y
Tamari Y
Tamarind Y
Tapioca Y
Tarragon Y
Thyme Y
Turmeric Y
Valerian Y
Vanilla Y
Vervain Y
White birch Y
White oak bark Y
Wintergreen Y
Yarrow Y
Yellow dock Y