Food List for Blood Type A – Breads & Grains

Breads and Grains

Blood type A does better on more vegetables, breads, and grains when it comes to staying healthy. The most beneficial breads and grains for these individuals include buckwheat, Essene bread, Ezekiel bread, kasha, oat flour, artichoke pasta, rice cakes, rye flour, soba noodles, soy bread, and sprouted wheat bread. Even though, breads and grains can be beneficial to blood type A there are still some that should be avoided which can poison the body. These are durum wheat bread, English muffins, high protein bread, matzos, multi grain brae, semolina pasta, spinach pasta, pumpernickel bread, wheat bran muffins, white flour, whole wheat bread and whole wheat flour. All other breads and grains are listed in the neutral category and can be eaten to receive nutritional value like you would from any other foods but will not provide the most benefits.

Breads & Grains Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Bagels, wheat Y
Barley flour Y
Brown rice bread Y
Buckwheat Y
Bulgur wheat flour Y
Corn muffins Y
Couscous Y
Durum wheat bread Y
Durum wheat flour Y
English muffins Y
Essene bread Y
Ezekiel bread Y
Fin Crisp Y
Gluten flour Y
Gluten-free bread Y
Graham flour Y
High Protein bread Y
Ideal Flat bread Y
Kasha Y
Matzos, wheat bread Y
Millet bread Y
Multi-grain bread Y
Oat bran muffins Y
Oat flour Y
Pasta, artichoke Y
Pasta, semolina Y
Pasta, spinach Y
Pumpernickel bread Y
Quinoa Y
Rice cakes Y
Rice, basmati Y
Rice, brown Y
Rice, white Y
Rice, wild Y
Rye flour Y
Rye bread 100% Y
Rye crisps Y
Rye vita Y
Soba noodles Y
Soy Bread Y
Spelt bread & flour Y
Sprouted wheat bread Y
Wasa bread Y
Wheat bran muffins Y
White flour Y
Whole wheat bread Y
Whole wheat flour Y