Food List for Blood Type A – Vegetables


Those with blood type A can enjoy several different vegetables that actually provide them with the most benefits more like medicine than other food groups. The most beneficial vegetables are domestic and Jerusalem artichoke, beet greens, broccoli, carrots, chicory, collard greens, dandelion, escarole, garlic, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, leek romaine lettuce, okra, red onions, Spanish onions, yellow onions, parsley, parsnips, pumpkin, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, Swiss chard, tempeh, tofu, and turnips. Even though blood type A is known as the vegetarian group by some, there are still some vegetables that should be completed avoided including red, white, and Chinese cabbage, dill, eggplant, ginger, lima, domestic and Shitake mushroom, black, Greek, and Spanish olives, green, red, yellow, and Jalapeno peppers, red, white, and sweet potatoes, snow peas, tomato, and yams. The latter list is like poison on the system and should be avoided completely.

Vegetables Beneficial Neutral Avoid
Artichoke, domestic Y
Artichoke, Jerusalem Y
Arugula Y
Asparagus Y
Avocado Y
Bamboo shoots Y
Beet Greens Y
Beets Y
Bok Choy Y
Broccoli Y
Brussels sprouts Y
Cabbage, Chinese Y
Cabbage, red Y
Cabbage, white Y
Caraway Y
Carrots Y
Cauliflower Y
Celery Y
Chervil Y
Chicory Y
Collard Greens Y
Coriander Y
Corn, yellow Y
Corn, white Y
Cucumber Y
Daikon radish Y
Dandelion Y
Dill Y
Eggplant Y
Endive Y
Escarole Y
Fennel Y
Fiddlehead ferns Y
Garlic Y
Ginger Y
Horseradish Y
Kale Y
Kohlrabi Y
Leek Y
Lettuce, bibb & Boston Y
Lettuce, Iceberg Y
Lettuce, Mesclun Y
Lettuce, Romaine Y
Lima Beans Y
Mushroom, Abalone Y
Mushroom, domestic Y
Mushroom, Enoki Y
Mushroom, Portobello Y
Mushroom, Shiitake Y
Mushroom, Tree oyster Y
Mustard greens Y
Okra Y
Olives, black Y
Olives, Greek Y
Olives, green Y
Olives, Spanish Y
Onions, green Y
Onions, red Y
Onions, Spanish Y
Onions, yellow Y
Parsley Y
Parsnips Y
Peppers, green Y
Peppers, Jalapeno Y
Peppers, red Y
Peppers, yellow Y
Potatoes, red & white Y
Potato skins
Potatoes, sweet Y
Pumpkin Y
Radicchio Y
Radishes Y
Rappini Y
Rutabaga Y
Scallion Y
Seaweed Y
Shallots Y
Snow peas Y
Spinach Y
Sprouts, alfalfa Y
Sprouts, mung Y
Sprouts, radish Y
Squash, all types Y
Swiss Chard Y
Tempeh Y
Tofu Y
Tomato Y
Turnips Y
Water Chestnut Y
Watercress Y
Yams, all types Y
Zucchini Y

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