Food List for Blood Type B – Dairy & Eggs

Dairy and Eggs

hose that have blood type B can enjoy some highly beneficial dairy and egg products that will actually be more like medicine to their bodies than food. These include cottage cheese, skim or 2% cows milk, farmers cheese, feta cheese, goat cheese, goat milk, kefir, mozzarella, ricotta, and yogurt. Foods in this category that should be completely avoided as they act like poison to the health and well being of those with blood type B are string cheese, ice cream, Blue cheese and American cheese. All other dairy products can be eaten and will provide the same nutrition as food should. Eggs can be eaten 3 to 5 times per week listed in the neutral category. All neutral foods are just that and will benefit the body but only like food and nothing like the products listed as beneficial.

Food List - Dairy & Eggs - B

Dairy & Eggs Beneficial Neutral Avoid
American Cheese Y
Blue Cheese Y
Brie Y
Butter Y
Buttermilk Y
Camembert Y
Casein Y
Cheddar Cheese Y
Colby Y
Cottage Y
Cows milk, skim or 2% Y
Cows milk, whole Y
Cream Cheese Y
Edam Y
Eggs Y
Emmanthal Y
Farmer's Cheese Y
Feta Cheese Y
Goat Cheese Y
Goat Milk Y
Gouda Y
Gruyere Y
Ice Cream Y
Jarlsburg Y
Kefir Y
Monterey Jack Y
Mozzarella Y
Munster Y
Neufchatel Y
Parmesan Y
Provolone Y
Ricotta Y
Sherbet Y
Sour Cream (non-fat) Y
Soy Cheese Y
Soy Milk Y
String Cheese Y
Swiss Y
Whey Y
Yogurt, all Y

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