Food List for Blood Type AB – Dairy & Eggs

Dairy and Eggs

Dairy and eggs are an important part of our nutrition and should be included in our daily diet, however, only some products are greatly beneficial to you according to your blood type and some needed to be avoided completely for your overall health and well being. If you have blood type AB, you should ensure that you have cottage cheese farmer’s cheese, feta cheese, goat cheese, goal milk, kefir, mozzarella, ricotta, non fat sour cream, and all yogurts in your diet. Completely remove American cheese, blue cheese, brie butter, buttermilk, camembert, whole cows milk, ice cream, parmesan, provolone, and bet from your diet. All other items in this category can be enjoyed and should be consumed for their nutritional value, however, they will not greatly benefit your health.

Food List - Dairy & Eggs - AB

Dairy & Eggs Beneficial Neutral Avoid
American Cheese Y
Blue Cheese Y
Brie Y
Butter Y
Buttermilk Y
Camembert Y
Casein Y
Cheddar Cheese Y
Colby Y
Cottage Y
Cows milk, skim or 2% Y
Cows milk, whole Y
Cream Cheese Y
Edam Y
Eggs Y
Emmanthal Y
Farmer's Cheese Y
Feta Cheese Y
Goat Cheese Y
Goat Milk Y
Gouda Y
Gruyere Y
Ice Cream Y
Jarlsburg Y
Kefir Y
Monterey Jack Y
Mozzarella Y
Munster Y
Neufchatel Y
Parmesan Y
Provolone Y
Ricotta Y
Sherbet Y
Sour Cream (non-fat) Y
Soy Cheese Y
Soy Milk Y
String Cheese Y
Swiss Y
Whey Y
Yogurt, all Y